GSF End of Life Care

What is GSF?
GSF is a fantastic training programme originally developed within the NHS in the early 90’s. It has been recognised as the marker of gold standard care for those nearing the end of life and enables them to “live well and die well in the place and manner of their choosing”.

What does this mean for you and/or your loved one?
Ebury Court will be able to care for you/your loved one up until the end without the need to move elsewhere. We work with our healthcare colleagues so that all their physical, spiritual and emotional needs are met to enable them to have a peaceful and pain free death.
We understand that at this time, knowing you and/or your loved one’s wishes and choices and adhering to these is very important. We would like to reassure you that you and/or your loved one will be involved in all discussions and all decisions. To this end, we will listen and ensure that your wishes are written down, respected, and carried out.

We have held the Gold Standard Framework for end life care at the highest level since 2011. It is re-accredited every three years; this is a rigorous process to ensure that our end of life care remains at the very highest level. We are the only home in the borough to hold this prestigious award for the high quality of care provided for those in the final years of life.


We all feel very proud and privileged to be able to deliver end of life care of the very highest standard.