Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ebury Court CQC rating?
How do I know that I will be safe or my loved one will be safe from any form of abuse whilst in your care?
Is Ebury Court part of a chain of homes?
Is the food freshly prepared on the premises?
Is the garden accessible and used by the residents?
Are the grounds safe and secure?
What type of activities are on offer at Ebury Court?
Does a GP, or any other healthcare professionals, make visits to the home?
Does the home have a visiting chiropodist, dentist, hairdresser, optician?
Are staff at Ebury Court fully trained?
Are staff at Ebury Court trained to use a hoist?
Are staff at Ebury Court trained to provide catheter care?
How can I arrange a visit to Ebury Court?
What is the GSF End of Life Care Award and what does it mean?
What is the weekly charge?